I’m Chris - Cloud Expert located in Germany

We enabled saving millions in IT infrastructure cost.

Knowledge based on 10 years of experience in startups and big companies like AWS, Google and more.

Over 500 people feel more empowered to run cloud infrastructure and tackle digitalization.

Hundreds of recommended action items delivered to clients for succesful transformations.
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What we do

People call me for many things


As authorized intructor for products like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud and more we helped thousands to better understand their infrastructure and build confidence in both themselves and their team.


We delivered many keynotes on topics like agility, cultural transformation, cloud adoption and modern IT infrastructure operations. This establishes trust within your teams and helps management understand whats to be done.


We helped dozens to build more trust in their IT operations and agile processes. This was achieved by implementing technologies like Kubernetes, AWS and Google Cloud.


A bit about me

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Mission Statement
Arctic Foxes

Leading from the inside

New technologies can be hard and overwhelming. It also leads to the pitfall of relying on blog posts as expertise and just figuring it out is good enough. Most of the time, just doing things and looking for quick wins leads to chaos and overpriced lessons learned.

Arctic Foxes is the platform Anatoly Zelenin and I founded with the belief that knowledge and teamwork is the key to another road. Here is what we do to for successful projects:

  • identify paths to the best technical cost of ownership
  • train your staff on the latest technologies in cloud
  • establish teamwork as a method of success
  • provide a next steps actionable plan